Artwork Setup Need assistance in selecting proper colours, creating or visualizing your design concept, or are you ready to see a virtual sampling of your logo added to a product. Take a moment to review these art guidelines and give us a call to get the process started.




Pantone Colour Guide Click HERE to see Pantone Colours
Pantone Colour is a colour-matching system universally used by many industries, including printing and graphic design, amongst others.  Use this Pantone Colour Chart to find the desired colour(s) for your design.




- Artwork is the creative design and preparation of the imprint/logo.  We can assist in the creation of your artwork using your supplied logo and text. This service assumes your artwork is in proper file format, or in a workable format otherwise additional artwork services may apply as noted below.


- Setups refer to the cost associated with the creation of the screen, mold or plates used in the printing processes using the prepared artwork.   Setups are FREE on almost every product, otherwise identified during the quotation process.


Additional Artwork:  $50 per hour
- Do you require a new logo or marketing material? Our design team can take your concepts and create new material for you.  Design & creation of NEW Logos and artwork.

Colour Change: $25 per
- This charge applies should you elect to print a different colour on the item using the same artwork (i.e. 1000 Pennants with 500 green imprints and 500 black imprints).

Pantone Match: $25
- A select few products print with stock colours, however many of these products can also be printed using Pantone colours for an additional fee.

Digitizing: $35
- Embroidery takes a special file to use and all artwork needs to be converted into embroidery digitized format unless a .DST file is supplied.

Vectorization: $25
- We will do our best to avoid this fee but there are times the logo provided is simply too low in quality to be used.  In this case the fee is charged to have our design team re-draw and re-colour the artwork back into vector format (i.e. conversion of GIF/JPG/PNG to AI/EPS). Additional services not covered by our FREE Artwork Service.  




- DO convert all fonts to outlines/curves
- DO be sure all placed art/files are original 300+ DPI and are in black and white.
- DO be sure all placed art/files are embedded. Even if the art/file is embedded, it is a good idea to also send these files along with the final art file.
- DO be sure all placed art/files are at 100% of imprint size.
- DO save files as either AI, PDF, EPS or TIFF.
- DO be sure elements such as font size, line weight etc. meet the requirements for the individual products when the art is at 100% imprint size.
- DO include a colour copy and indicate PMS colours for multi-colour imprints.


- DO NOT use art from any files that were used in a Web site.  No matter what you do to it or how it is saved, it will not be suitable for printing.
- DO NOT use art from a raster file that has a resolution of less than 300 DPI. Adjusting the DPI up to 300 DPI or higher will not improve the quality of the art.


- 100% Vector Files (AI, EPS, PDF, SVG) 
- All fonts converted to outlines/curves

- 100% Rastor Files (Bitmapped)

- Raster elements at 100%+ actual imprint size
- Raster elements from an original 300+ DPI source
- Raster elements in black and white
- All fonts should be rasterized
- Save file as a TIFF, PDF or EPS




This file type is often referred to a bitmap and is composed of millions of tiny squares of colour information referred to as pixels.  The most common type of raster graphic is a photograph.  If your file ends with .psd, .tif, .jpg, .bmp, .gif, or is a photograph, it is a raster image.  Raster files provide great colour detail and is often used in sublimation (CMYK) printing.  A minimum 300 DPI at 100% original size is required otherwise the image becomes jagged (pixelated) when enlarging is required.


Vector art (line art) can be scaled to any size while maintaining quality and is preferred for all products (unless printing photographs). If your image file ends with .ai, .eps, or .pdf, it probably is a vector image.  This type of file also allows for easy manipulation of the artwork to add, move, or replace individual sections, like text or just parts of a logo.  Removing the lines, or colour within the lines, is a simple process that provides endless creative possibilities without compromising the quality of the design.

Raster Artwork Sample  Vector Artwork Sample

RASTOR                                      VECTOR





- A picture is worth a thousand words so feel free to email your artwork along with your questions.
- The design team will review the file(s) and questions and get back to you.
- Our team will prepare one (1) preliminary design absolutely free to show what your final design could look like.
- You don't need to be graphic designer, just send us the best possible version of your artwork based on the formats below.  Alternately send a draft concept like the BEFORE image, or send a combination of both.
- Include as much additional information as possible like colours, fonts, positioning, etc. so we can create as close to your idea as possible.
- You will receive the Art Proof within 1-2 business days.
- And remember, upon order confirmation you can request multiple free revisions to the artwork.

Vector Artwork Sample