Pus Merchandise

Do neighborhood Pubs need promotional products?

Promotional products are a good way to publicize your pub and increase your customer base.  Chances are that you are not going to a trade show or conference, but there are still many ways that you can use promotional products to advertise your establishment.

Increase Your Visibility

Get your name out on the streets and make it more well known by handing out promo products with your business name on them. Pens are among the most popular promotional products sold along with Magnets and Stress toys come in hundreds of shapes and styles to fit the name or spirit of your establishment... 

PPE Face Masks

Healthcare Items Beyond Hand Sanitizers

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the efforts to mitigate its spread has significantly changed our world in the last few months.  Many customers are now looking to get creative and thinking outside the box as they incorporating healthcare products into their marketing plans. Although the demand for branded hand sanitizer has escalated over the past few months there are other healthcare products starting to gain popularity across the country as areas start to reopen for business:

Winter Promo Merchandise

Keep Warm Promo Ideas!

It won't be long before the short sleeves and tank tops are gone and we start to see layers and sweaters keeping us warm during the day. With the season, we can look towards a cozier time indoors but also the opportunity to enjoy outdoor sports games like football and hockey with a more dramatic effect.

All across the country, coaches and parents gear up for a variety of outdoor sports. So long as the weather remains safe, the game (or practice) must go on. There are, however, efficient ways to keep you and your team warm during these sports, and many of these ideas require little effort. The good news is you can always add a creative twist to make them uniquely your own and enjoy so the spirit of the game isn't lost bellow those layers of clothes...

Promo Product Mistakes

Avoid these Common Promo Product Mistakes!

We’re approached on a daily basis with companies asking us what they should use as a promotional product. That’s a good start. Too many companies plough ahead with promotional products that are not going to achieve the goals they set out to achieve. This is a real shame, because their failure could easily have been avoided. Not to mention all that money that could have been saved also...

Best Uses for Promo Products

Promotional Products at Work!

Giving out promotional products is a great way to keep your name in front of past and potential customers. Use this advice to choose the best way to use promotional items for marketing your business.  Remember the days when a company would print their company logo on everything? Pens, mouse pads, mugs—even socks! Remember when your holiday gift was a delightful gift bag that included a pen, a shirt, and a candy bar—all with the company logo?

It’s not quite as over-the-top as some companies used to make it but promotional products are still a key part of an advertising strategy—and they should be done right.  Read more to find tips regarding choosing and using promotional products for your business...
Football Party Merchandise

Super Football Party Ideas!

Although it may be to early to call if football will return to any field in 2020 due to Covid-19 that should not deter people from dreaming up ideas for their next football party.  A comfortable sofa can and will be your main competitor on party day, but with a few football inspired promo ideas you can get them to ditch the couch and get everyone excited with these event ideas.

  1. Event Name - Get creative and come up with an unique name to stand out from the traditional like “Big Game”, “Super Sunday” or “Championship Day”.  And make sure you notify your guests well in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts and to promote the event.  If RSVP's are required why not reward preferred VIP seating or a special promo gift to your early responders...

Sporting Event Promo Products

Sports Top Promo Products!

Everyone loves to cheer on their favourite sports team so to ensure your next trip to the arena, ballpark or stadium is as relaxing and successful as ever, here are some key items to consider bringing along: 

  • Drinks - hot or cold, there are endless possibilities of drinkware to bring along your favourite drink
  • Foam Novelties - let everyone know who you are rooting for with foam wavers in your team colours
  • Cushions & Blankets - to maximize enjoyment of the event a seat cushion and blankets can make your stay warm and comfortable
  • Noise Makers - add to the excitement of the action with Noise Makers by making some noise with a cow bell, bang sticks, hand clappers or horns