Football Parties

  • May 28, 2021

Super Football Party Ideas!

Although it may be to early to call if football will return to any field in 2020 due to Covid-19 that should not deter people from dreaming up ideas for their next football party.  A comfortable sofa can and will be your main competitor on party day, but with a few football inspired promo ideas you can get them to ditch the couch and get everyone excited with these event ideas.

  1. Event Name - Get creative and come up with an unique name to stand out from the traditional like “Big Game”, “Super Sunday” or “Championship Day”.  And make sure you notify your guests well in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts and to promote the event.  If RSVP's are required why not reward preferred VIP seating or a special promo gift to your early responders...
  2. Games and Activities - The average football game lasts about 3 hours with the ball actually in play an average of 20 minutes so make sure you have events like trivia games during the game to keep the energy up. Now, I can almost hear some of you saying something like, that is what beer is for,” however, drinks alone can distract your guests from the theme, especially if the game become less than edge of your seat exciting. And if your event also includes children then you will want to try and provide a family friendly environment.  Some of the best games and activities you can pick from include:
  • Pool
  • Foosball
  • Trivia Games
  • Football Bingo
  • Prediction Sheets

  1. Game-Day Menu - What better way to stay in theme than to create a menu based on popular tailgate food.  An internet search will provide endless lists of popular food so just cater the menu to your budget, cooking skills and guest's taste and expectations.  Add in some football decorations along with themed bowls, glasses, plates to tie it all together.  You can also tie the theme into the food itself if you have the time and skill.  Deserts can be decorated in team colours or logo's, or to resemble footballs, fields or even goal post, while you can do the same for any appetizers, fruit or veggie trays.

  1. Promo Gifts - There is only one thing people love more that freebies and that is freebies they were not expecting.  Make the dress code football related like football t-shirts and jerseys along with some promo merchandise like tattoos, face paint and noise makers like cow bells or horns adds to the atmosphere of game day.  And if noise is a concern than there are numerous other items like rally towels and foam wavers that still lets everyone cheer on the team with the noise.  You can also use gifts as prizes if your party includes activities for the guests, or even as a take-away gift to thank attendees. 

  1. Game-Day All Day - Your party plans don't have to wait for the actual game to start. Consider beginning the celebrations several hours before kick-off to allow for socializing along with games and activities to take place to minimize the interruption during the game. After all the game is the reason your holding the party in the first place.

Remember, diverting from you’re everyday routine will add excitement and get everyone in the mood to get off the couch and participate.  Now, it’s time to huddle up and plan for your next event.



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