Fun Promo Items For Restaurants

  • Mar 11, 2022

Do neighborhood Pubs need promotional products?

Promotional products are a good way to publicize your pub and increase your customer base.  Chances are that you are not going to a trade show or conference, but there are still many ways that you can use promotional products to advertise your establishment.


Increase Your Visibility

Get your name out on the streets and make it more well known by handing out promo products with your business name on them. Pens are among the most popular promotional products sold along with Magnets and Stress toys come in hundreds of shapes and styles to fit the name or spirit of your establishment... 

And don't forget to browse the Drinkware category as it's a natural fit with options to fit any budget.


Create a Promo Calendar

Calendars are one of the most widely used promotional products of all time, dating back to the first advertising promotions. Whoever first thought to put the name of his or her business on the bottom of a yearly calendar and give them out to customers was a sheer marketing genius. Have a few hundred or so calendars made up with your front door or door sign on the front picture and hand them out to customers during the holiday season. They'll hang on walls in customers' homes all year long, with your name and information always in front of their eyes.


Promotional Apparel

A great way to increase name visibility is to sell merchandise with your name on them to customers and visitors. Think up a catchy tag line for a pub t-shirt, embroider the crest on a windbreaker or jacket, or print your name on a cap or visor no matter what you choose, you'll find that your customers will happily pay for the privilege of being your billboards.


Promotional Products for Contests and Giveaways

Does your place host a poetry slam, karaoke, darts tournament, trivia night or any other contest or event? Promo products printed with your name and the name of the event make great prizes for both participants and winners. Choose fun, funky and useful items like printed travel mugs for participants and something of a bit more value for winners of the contests.


If your pub also has other sidelines catering, perhaps, or hosting events you have even more reason for using promotional products to advertise your place. For more ideas on how to use promotional products to generate more foot traffic just give us a call.


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