Oh How Sweet

  • Jul 30, 2021

We are spilling the beans on all things edible!

Promotional items you can eat such as confectionery, biscuits and chocolates, offer such diversity. Just about any business, charity or organization can incorporate into marketing and sales activities.  

They enable creativity through flavours, colours and innovative packaging and custom design .. and they are always a crowd pleaser.  

Here are five ways to use promotional sweets and chocolates:

 1)  Appreciation After Sales -  Say thank you and ensure your customers leave with a smile and a good experience and intension to refer your business. Perfect for individual gifts or a group thank you.  A cost effective offering such as a surprise bag of confectionery or other sweet treat at the completion of a job, adds the finishing touch to your interaction.    

2)  Health & Safety Awareness Promotions - Promote a healthy or safety message or create awareness for a health related business by selecting suitable options to match the message/theme - such as sugar free mint tins, branded healthy snack bags, small chocolate bars or biscuits.  

3) Events and Special Occasions - Easter has an existing natural link with chocolate (there are plenty of bunnies and themed ideas we can offer).  Chinese New Year is another perfect example with fortune cookies. Other occasions too, such as a company milestone or new business opening, can be celebrated with custom edible gifts. 

 4) Fundraising - Branded biscuit boxes, chocolate bars, candy bags are all perfect for schools, clubs and social group fundraising. 

 5) Competitions - Chocolate bars with custom wrappers, biscuits, bulk jars of jelly beans and fortune cookies with inserts are great ideas that work well for competitions. The confectionery item can be used as a small reward for action or be part of the competition design.  



Check out all our PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS to view more options. 


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These promotional products plus thousands more are available through NovaSport.  Contact us by phone or email to start planning your next event. 




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