Promotional Products Top 5 Mistakes

  • Apr 14, 2024

Promotional Products Top 5 Mistakes


Each day, we receive inquiries from companies looking for guidance in choosing the ideal promotional product. We applaud this proactive mindset. However, it is disheartening to see many companies selecting promotional items that do not match their objectives. This missed opportunity could have been avoided with careful planning, ultimately saving them a substantial amount of money.


Promotional Products Mistake #1: Not Setting A Goal

Before making any purchases for your business, it is crucial to determine the ultimate goal: "What are we aiming to accomplish here?" Unfortunately, many companies hastily decide on products without fully understanding their purpose or objectives.


Measurable objectives

Utilizing promotional products is an effective way to motivate customers to make larger purchases and boost sales. By integrating these products into marketing strategies, businesses can measure their impact by comparing sales data from periods with and without the use of promotional items. Evaluating whether sales have increased significantly enough to warrant the investment in promotional products is crucial in determining the success of these promotional initiatives.



Typically, the desired outcome is not a specific objective when utilizing promotional products. While it may be challenging to see immediate tangible results, most campaigns are driven by a goal. This often involves increasing brand awareness, associating the brand with a specific emotion, or targeting a particular market segment.

Promotional Products Mistake #2: Not Understanding Your Market

Another common mistake is neglecting to consider your target market. It may sound surprising, but it happens. Companies often become so focused on appearing trendy and appealing that they overlook the fact that the majority of their potential customers are actually 58-year-old middle managers or couch potatoes (depending on the industry, of course).

Promotional Products Mistake #3: Cheap Is Not Always The Best

It is crucial to optimize your budget and ensure that your investment in promotional products is utilized to its fullest potential. However, sacrificing quality in order to cut costs is not a viable solution. As illustrated in the well-known diagram below, displayed on signs in various forms, consumers should always exercise caution when something appears to be good, cheap, and fast.


Promotional Products Mistake #4: Not Maximizing Your Artwork Capabilities

Before finalizing your product selection, it is important to clarify with your supplier the limitations and capabilities of the customization process. Inquire about the amount of space available, the number of colours that can be used, and the level of complexity allowed for the artwork.

Promotional Products Mistake #5: Using Incorrect Colours 

The colors of your logo or imagery are likely of great significance to you. Therefore, it is crucial that the colours of your promotional products are meticulously matched to ensure consistency, whether in production or print.

Final Word

Carefully weighing the decision to invest your valuable income in promotional products is crucial. By steering clear of common pitfalls, you can maximize the effectiveness of your investment and achieve a successful return on investment.



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