Why Promo Items Are Cool

  • Mar 17, 2023

This article will help you in understanding the importance of free products for promotion and also how organizations use it.


Free products are great for any type of promotion. Freebie items are a very well known and well used form of marketing and promotional for organizations and individuals alike. It is a great way to "get the word out" of a specific product or entire inventory of products for someone or some brand to promote and induce business. Many brands use promo merchandise in various ways. The main goal is to attract consumers to their business in hopes that the client will take a look at other merchandise and services that the company sells and purchase those items. Promo items are also a good incentive for consumers and establishes a good repoire between the seller and the consumer. Typically, when a buyer gets a good deal on something, or even receives a product for free, then the user will spread the word to family and friends. This has a positive effect on the business as those family and friends who were informed of the company will be inclined to give the company a try themselves. A domino effect of good business relationships then ensues.

How Does A Organization Utilize Promo Merchandise

Businesses who use promo items are very strategic about their promotions. They are very detailed in the way they deliver the product or merchandise to the client. For instance, when one enters a particular place of business, one may notice that promo merchandise are set up in front of the establishment and immediately presented to the consumer by very friendly and courteous representatives. For example, restaurants whom offer promo items are strategically set up at the entrance awaiting customers to offer them free samples of a particular food item. They may have a platter of finger food attached to toothpicks for an immediate try for the client in attempts of the customer buying more of that item. Places where there are plenty of competition usually use this strategy, like malls and food chains. One may almost be bombarded by a sea of restaurants reps offering a free food sample in hopes that the customer eats at their place of business over the competitor next door. Conventions of merchants is another place where one will see promo products being used. Places like a flea market of convention center where several vendors are set up will offer promo products to passing spectators to engage them in business.

Promo products are also a good incentive for returning customers. The feeling of being rewarded for their business is what most clients want from a organization and a free promo gift is a great way to not only show appreciation, but to also keep customers loyal to that place of business. Some businesses even go as far as to offer promo items exclusively to returning customers. This also inclines others to "join the club" when they see the abundance of perks one whom is a returning and loyal consumer receives for their good business.

Free Items Are Worth the Investment

The main reason why freebie merchandise are very common today is because they are a great way to raise awareness about your item. To be perfectly honest, the main means through which companies exist and succeed is by getting the world out there to be aware of what they sell, therefore encouraging them to sell their merchandise. Most corporations are firm believers in the more ‘modern’ ways of advertising like using TV commercials, the internet, radio, posters, banners, car stickers and so on. Free merchandise, however, are one way that will probably outlive all those other methods of advertising.

Freebie items are items used day to day by consumers that have the logo, information and items of a certain business. Some of these items are pens, t-shirts, books, calendars and other merchandise. The biggest advantage of these products, as fore-mentioned, is that they are for every day use. A company could, for example, print the brand of its items, services, prices, contacts or any other vital information on a shirt and then find ways of distributing these shirts without cost to the world out there. As people walk around wearing these t-shirts as they carry out their activities, they are inadvertently marketing that organization.

Another great benefit that these items have is that they are cheap. The price of printing a huge advertisement that is only seen by motorists and people who live within its vicinity is possibly the same as the cost of printing ten thousand t-shirts. The same applies to say, the cost of airing a TV commercial is the same as the price of buying and engraving a specific number of thousands of pens with the corporation's website. Considering the number of consumers who get to see the logo of your items, then by all means, it is a great investment when one wants to advertise their merchandise. It is essential to point out, however, that this is not to say that TV ads and billboards and other promotional products are not good enough.

Finally, another grand result that these free products have is their longevity. A billboard could be used for a month or two and then replaced by another, simply because it becomes quite expensive to have them up for long times. A calendar, however, will remain on someone’s wall or workspace all year, and if the product is attractive enough, it constantly puts the attention of a number of potential buyers of the product. So if a brand is looking for a wonderful way to promote their items, these three reasons, among others, should be enough to sell them.



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