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Web Site Pricing

- While we make every effort to keep our website up to date, from time to time the price of a product may change and we reserve the right to make such adjustments without notice.
- If the web price is incorrect on an item that has been ordered, we will contact you immediately with the new price.

Do the prices include the artwork printed?
- Most items include either a 1 colour or full colour imprint. Just check out the ‘Imprint Information’ tab on each product page for details. 

What other options are available?
- Every product is different and most info is found on the various tabs on the product page.
- View the ‘Imprint Information’ tab to see what is included, then view the ‘Options’ tab to investigate other options.

What is a set-up charge?
- In order to customize your order there is a flat set-up charge that covers the setting up of the imprinting machine, checking proper alignment and running several samples prior to production to ensure your imprint is of the highest quality. Most are $12.95, but the charge may vary based on the product. Please see the product description for the applicable charges. This charge is standard on every order and does not change based on the quantity ordered.


Am I able to get samples before I orders?
- Provided we have the samples at our sales office than we are glad to ship them out free of charge, however we do request customer cover the courier cost for shipping.
- Products coming from other factories or locations throughout North American may not be possible or convenient to ship samples. We will need to review the request on an individual basis to see if we can accommodate your request.



Can I get a printed sample of what my product will look like before placing the order?
- This is usually not an option for most products and orders.  Although the cost of most items is not expensive, the art prep, screen and production cost for 1-2 units is not cost effective.
- If your concerned about how your art will appear on the product we do provide virtual proofs to give you a good idea of what the final product will look like.
- If you are concerned about what the product will be like we may be able to provide random imprinted physical sample.
- Sometimes pre-production samples are required for extra high volume orders. If this applies you will be charged for all associated costs including setups and delivery.

Can I order less than the quantity on the price grid?
- Minimum order quantities have been established to provide the lowest quantity range at a reasonable price.   Although we do not charge setup separately, they are still a part of the pricing model.  These fixed costs will remain the same regardless of the quantity and result in higher unit prices as the quantity drops.

Am I able to change my order? 
- Provided the order is still in the art prep / order confirmation stage than any change is possible. However, changes in quantity may impact the unit price and a new Order Confirmation may be required.
- Changes requested after the screen(s) or mold(s) have been created may be an option and are an option on select products. These changes will incur additional charges and will most likely cause a delay in the delivery schedule.

Do I have to order the quantities shown on the website? 
- No, you are able to order any quantity as long as it is more than the minimum order quantity indicated. 

How do I order and what happens then?
- You can order in several ways: Call your order in, email your details or complete the cart process on our website.
- We review all information and advise if changes, options or upgrades are available, and send a detailed formal quote including all costs.
- Once you confirmed your order we prepare the art proof and send it to you along with the Order Confirmation/Payment Forms for your final approval.

When will I know the final price for my order? 
- Once you submit a Request for Quote / Order from the website than a confirmation email will be sent that outlines all prices.

How will I know my online order has been received and accepted?
- Expect to receive a few emails once you place your online order.
- The 1st email is automated and lets you know we successfully received your order.
- The 2nd email is a formal quote / order acknowledgment outlining all costs and identifying any additional options/upgrades. 
- The 3rd email will be your Order Confirmation outlining your final price that will require your authorization / approval so we can move your order into production.



What can I expect from the Art Proof?
- We will prepare your artwork based on the information you provide.
- We then email you a free virtual sample or line art proof confirming your imprint.
- If you need changes just let us know as we'll work with you to fine tune it to your liking.
- Once you are completely satisfied and have signed back your approval we will then send it off to production.

Are you able to show me what my imprint might look like before I order?
- We understand that a picture is often worth a thousand words and would be happy to offer a complimentary art proof to assist in your final buying decision.
- Send us the details and your art file and we will create an art proof for you.  Just remember, the more info you provide the closer we will get to your design concept.
- Note that this is a complimentary service offered to provide a visual concept of your potential artwork and therefore is limited to the initial proof.  No revision’s will occur until order confirmation has occurred.

My logo is in BMP/ GIF / JPG / PNG format, can you use it?
- Chances are we might but we would need to look at it first.
- Provided the file meets the specifications identified in our Artwork Guidelines we would redraw the file into a higher resolution then re-trace into vector.
- If the file is unusable or requires advanced redraw skills and graphic time we will advise you of your options.  These include either modifying your design to drop this graphic from your design, sending us a new art file that meets our specifications, or allow us to professional redraw your artwork at our prevailing rate of $35.

Are you able to print a specific colour?
- Most items are printed utilizing Pantone (PMS) Matching System numbers.
- To request a specific colour just provide the matching PMS number.
- We will match your PMS colours as closely as possible but exact colour matching is not guaranteed due to the various product surfaces (i.e. a colour may appear different on plastic than it does on fabric.
- For products that only offer stock colours we will attempt to match your colour as close to the stock colour as we can.
- There are also products that offer PMS colours for an additional charge.
- Any additional colour matching charges will be identified during the Art Proof stage.

Will I get to see what my artwork design will look like before I place my order?
- Yes, we will prepare an initial Art Proof showing how your design will look in line art and/or with a virtual sample.
- You will be asked to approve the proof before we put it into production, or advise what changes are required to fine tune the artwork.

What is production ready artwork? 
- Basically, your artwork is ‘finished’ and submitted to us in vector format meeting all specifications outlined on our Artwork Guidelines page. 
- Your artwork is complete and ready to go to production without any assistance from us. 



Shipping Information

- All orders are shipped via standard FedEx or UPS Ground service unless otherwise specified.
- We make every effort to ship your order by the most economical method to meet your required date.
- NovaSport Promotional Products is not responsible for shipping delays or loss of goods caused by the carrier, customs, or any other outside influence.
- All merchandise becomes the property of the purchaser at the time of shipping.

Where do the products ship from?
- Products are shipped from various shipping points across North America as we utilize an extensive network of preferred suppliers and manufacturers.
- Your order may arrive in separate deliveries should your order include products from different facilities.

How much will shipping and handling cost? 
- These charges will vary by product and quantity according to your destination, dimensional weight and shipping method.
- Our Order Confirmation form will include all S&H charges for your review and approval.

Can I get a shipping estimate?
- Online estimates are available for many products when working through the Quote Request / Order process provided you included your shipping information. 
- If no estimate is generated it indicates 1 or more of the products in the cart do not have the required shipping information available.  If this occurs you can continue and indicate ‘REQUEST QUOTE ONLY’ when entering payment info and we will send you an updated formal Quote.
- You can also contact us with the details and we can calculate the S&H charges for you. 

When will my order get shipped? 
- Most products ship between 2 - 4 weeks from final art approval.
- We recommend you review the ‘Delivery Information’ tab on each product page for estimated production time and shipping points.

Is there Rush Service available?
- This will depend on the product(s) selected as not all items are available in a rush situation.
- It’s best to call or email us with the product(s), quantity and date required so we can verify if a rush service is available or required.
- If your order is eligible we can then advise if there will be any additional service fees for the print/production process and/or expedited S&H charges.
- In all cases a $35 Rush Service fee is applied.

How long will it take for my order to reach me? 
The delivery times vary according to the originating point, destination and method used to ship your order. The standard method used for shipping is either FedEx or UPS Ground.



Due to the nature of custom promotional products and online shopping we are requesting ALL customers secure your order with a valid credit card.

What payment options do I have?
Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, e-Transfer, Western Union and Cheques.

Why do I need to secure my order with a credit card?
- Simply put, with a variety of payment options for our customer designed to fit their needs, we won’t risk fulfilling custom printed orders and either have customers cancel after production starts or default in payment once products have been received.

Do you automatically process my credit card when I place an online order?
- No, we will eventually need your card to secure the order or once we are ready to process your order we run the authorization on your card for security purposes.    

Do I have to pay GST/HST for my order? 
- Yes, all provincial taxes are payable based on the shipping address.